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Parent Testimonials

We have two children attending Saint Francis. Our daughter is in first grade and our son is in the VPK program. From our daughter's first pre-k interviews we were welcomed with open arms. She had amazing kindergarten teachers who were perfect for an introduction into school. As a first grader she loves to read and is greatly motivated by the Accelerated Reader program. Our son is in the VPK program and absolutely loves it! He has learned so much from his wonderful teachers. He even asks to go to school on the weekends! As a 4-year old he is spelling phonetically and sounding out words. We love that they are learning daily about our faith and they are encouraged to live the school motto to 'Be Like Christ'. The extracurricular activities are top-notch. It is like a big extended family and we love being so involved with the school!


The main priority for our children is to get the best Catholic education alongside stellar academics, and St. Francis has fulfilled this need indeed! The moment you enter the doors of this school, whether you are a student or a parent, you are made to feel welcome. Our two children, who are in grades 5 and 7, have always felt happiest in this school ever since they first walked in as kindergarteners. As parents, we want our children to be in a safe, learning and faith-filled environment and this is the place for them to grow, be academically challenged without a doubt, and be reminded of the school motto and live it: 'Be Like Christ.' Thank you to all the wonderful staff and teachers that we have entrusted our children to. Thank you for your dedication and supportWe have been a part of the St. Francis family for five years and currently have four children enrolled in the school. All of our children have had a very positive school experience. The faculty and staff have created a wonderful, faith-filled environment. We have such a sense of safety and peace sending our children there. Our children enjoy learning and love their teachers. Thank you to everyone who makes the school so special!


Great school! We are blessed that we were able to send our children. They attended from Kindergarten through 8th grade. It's not perfect, but what is? Our children received strong academics in every grade. Religious instruction that made it easy to carry forward at home. The administration cares for the children and a strong sense of family and dedication is evident when you walk through the door. The extracurricular activities are abundant and there is pride in the work done by children and teachers. If you're contemplating a private school education your child will be well prepared by attending St. Francis


Seeing grandchildren grow in knowledge and faith thanks to the teachers at St. Francis is a true blessing. Those associated with Catholic Education understand the unique personal grace it can bring to a willing student. To know that your grandchildren have that opportunity in our St. Francis community is special indeed. 


I am a very involved parent and I always knew that my three children were happy and receiving an excellent academic education at St. Francis. I really came to more fully realize the impact when my daughter began high school and she shared with me how well prepared she felt she was to meet the academic, moral, and social pressures of high school because of her experience at St. Francis. I will always be grateful for the positive impact that St. Francis has had on the lives of my three children.


A school is a place where children should not only get an academic education; they also receive a character education. St. Francis does a stellar job. My son will play a part in a live performance of the Stations of the Cross. He is learning so much from this as will the audience as we travel Jesus' journey with him during Lent. The academics are excellent as well. There is a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. I am pleased that the staff and administration reinforce the values that my husband and I teach at home. It is our primary responsibility to raise our children, but it sure is nice to have an ally like St. Francis Xavier School to help us on our own journey.


Academically challenging: Yes. Students at SFX consistently score very well on norm-referenced national tests (ITBS) & high school entrance exams (often times earning the majority of awarded scholarships). Physically stimulating: Yes. SFX has winning basketball, soccer& golf teams for boys & girls. There's even a running club. Spiritually inspiring: A consorted effort is made to continually inspire children to think beyond the day-to-day rigors and connect with a Higher Power for the betterment of self, mankind, and the world. Open-door policy: Parents are invited and encouraged to be in the school, taking an active role in their children's education. You are free to lunch daily with your children. Fun: Although the environment is quite structured to enhance learning, there are fun-filled events throughout the year, such as cook-outs, relays, bless the pet day, student vs teacher games, camping trips, etc. that foster excitement and amusement in the academic environment. We're a second generation SFX family!


Our family moved to Ft. Myers nearly two years ago. We knew we wanted a school that would provide our children with not only an excellent education, but a faith based school as well. St. Francis has done that. We have 2 children at SFX. They have developed a love for learning and have also learned responsibility and accountability. It is obvious that the teachers love being at SFX. The children are greeted with smiles, hugs and kind words each day. My children have come a long way since beginning SFX. My oldest is in 1st grade and already is taking Spanish class while my son in 4 year old PK is learning sight words and can read simple books. All parents are encouraged to be active with the school and there are many opportunities to meet other parents. Overall, we are very happy with our choice of St. Francis School.


We have been blessed to have our three children attend St. Francis. We currently have a third grader, seventh grader and a graduate of St. Francis. We cannot say enough positive things about St. Francis. Our children started in Kindergarten and have had the most positive experience throughout each school year. My oldest son was exceptionally prepared for high school and truly loved his years at St. Francis. His fondest memories were attending the weekend field trip at Sea Camp in the Florida Keys in 7th grade. The love and devotion of every teacher at St. Francis is unlike any other school in the county. Our children not only receive an excellent education, but are surrounded by a faith built community each and every day. 


We have two sons at St. Francis and we couldn't be more pleased with the academic, social and spiritual growth they have shown in these critical years. They are learning all the basics as well as religion, art, music and even Spanish. Our boys have become passionate readers, devouring books on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. At the end of this past school year, our first grader tested at a fifth grade level in reading. Our fourth grader has made so many good friends at the school. He's involved in the St. Francis Cub Scouts and the school's running club. Academically, some subjects have proven challenging for him, but the teachers are so patient and kind. St. Francis Xavier School is a blessing for our family. We have a 3-year-old son and are looking forward to the day when he joins his brothers and becomes a St. Francis student too. 


St Francis Xavier is the most exceptional educational institution in the South West Florida area. The academics are one of the finest aspects of the school itself & are delivered to the students with diligence. The teachers' dedication & inspiration are surely passed to the youth, & parents. The environment & foundation is based on respect, moral integrity & a valuable faith in Jesus Christ. I am inspired as much and chose the school for these reasons, I hope you give your children the same advantage as I have given mine.


St. Francis is a fabulous school that makes you feel at home from the minute you enter the doorway! Our daughter is greeted with smiles each morning from the school's administrators and teachers. There is a real sense of belonging within the walls of this school. It means the world to us that our child feels secure, loved, and valued. She is receiving a high quality education with a strong foundation in all of the subject areas. In PreK, she discovered her love for writing words. This grew further in Kindergarten as she began to compose short stories and songs. Her creative voice has thrived! In 1st grade, she was enveloped in the world of poetry. Each one of her poetry anthologies are a prized possession! In 2nd grade her joy of reading flourished. The St. Francis teachers have given our daughter a terrific gift...a passion for learning!