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Virtues in Practice

Cardinal Virtues

Fortitude, Prudence, Justice, Temperance are the four cardinal virtues – practices on which all other virtues hinge (cardo, meaning hinge in Latin). These practices are learned and developed over time.

Fortitude – Practicing the good and just in challenging situations,
  patience with obstacles.
     I practice doing what is right with
     even when it is difficult.

  Prudence Seeking, judging, acting – with confidence and love
     I look for the most loving solution,
     and carry it out with joy.

Justice Seeking the good, meeting obligations to God and neighbor
     I give God my worship,
     and show my neighbor mercy and fairness.

  TemperanceEnjoying life’s pleasures in keeping with the Gospel
     I practice balance and self-control,
     I make healthy friendships,

     I am honest about who I am

                                              Renfrew County Catholic School District,Ontario
Cosentino RCCDSB 2010

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Virtues in Practice

            1st Quarter                                            Fortitude
2nd Quarter                                           Prudence
                  3rd Quarter                                            Justice
4th Quarter                                            Temperance