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Academic Programs

The curriculum used at St. Francis Xavier School is a diocesan curriculum based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Each year an area of the curriculum is revised. Textbooks and resource material are current and are selected from the state adoption list.

Religion - The goal of the Religion curriculum is outlined in the Mission and Belief Statements above. We strive to integrate religious instruction into every aspect of a student's life at St. Francis Xavier School. The teaching of Religion is the reason for the school's existence and to that end, its instruction is of paramount importance to the administration, teachers and staff. Students in Grades 1-8 attend weekly Mass. The spiritual life of the school is enriched by the presence of two Allegany Franciscan sisters who serve as our school's spiritual directors.

Language Arts - The goal of the Language Arts curriculum at St. Francis Xavier School is to develop effective communication skills in students. When a student leaves SFX, it is expected that he/she will be able to read and write with understanding and clarity as well as demonstrate a command of spoken English. Furthermore, the school seeks to develop students who read and write for pleasure.

Mathematics - The goal of Mathematics instruction at St. Francis Xavier School is for students to learn to reason and communicate mathematically. Furthermore, it is our intent that students become mathematical problem solvers, because efficient problem solving skills help students to become effective and productive citizens.

Science - The Science curriculum at St. Francis Xavier School presents science as a process of logical reasoning as well as a process of theoretical change. Furthermore, care is taken to relate scientific concepts to the wider social environment so that students will ultimately become critical thinkers.

Social Studies - The goal of the Social Studies curriculum is to introduce students to the world in which they live. Both historical and current events are taught so that one will lead to lessons learned and the other will lend discussion to lessons in the making.

Programs for learning differences - The resource program at St. Francis Xavier School is designed to address the needs of students with varying learning abilities. Services are provided for students who are at risk as well as those who have been identified as needing enrichment. Resource program staff includes a full-time certified resource teacher and teacher assistant.